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Vaqua is a multi-facet skincare brand that provides natural formulas to improve and maintain glowing skin. In CC, we have chosen “the strength of water” as the brand’s signature. For Vaqua, water shapes our everyday beauty from the inside out. “The streams of beauty”. Inspired by the streams, the flow and the creative force of water that capture the nature in its most beautiful posture, Vaqua aspires to be the stream of women’s beauty. Vaqua promotes inner beauty that shaped by nature. Vaqua awakens inner beauty to nourish your skin.


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  • Client:
  • Vaqua
  • Project:
  • Rethink the brand image of Vaqua through different touchpoints
  • Scope:
  • Brand platform, visual identity, packaging, retail
  • Year:
  • 2014