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Missoul did not exist before 2012. CC is glad to have helped the brand to launch and who has become one of the perfect example of how to manage the challenge of breaking into the crowded Chinese womenswear market.

The concept is – today’s Chinese women is multifaceted. While being a mother, she is also a daughter, office worker and very often, a fashionista, blogger and traveller. She is proud to be versatile. She stands for it completely. Fashion is a powerful tool for her regardless of what social settings she is in. Hence, in CC, we believe Missoul’s women should not be limited by her wardrobe; instead, her clothes should take her “WEAREVER” she wants to go.

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  • Client:
  • Missoul
  • Project:
  • New brand identity for a women's clothing brand
  • Scope:
  • Brand story, brand identity, retail design, photo shooting
  • Year:
  • 2012