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With its fairytale-like turret and a 600 year-old tower, Chateau Latour Laguens is surrounded by vineyards in a region steeped in the French wine tradition. But this chateau, south-east of Bordeaux, is also at the forefront of Asia’s growing economic power in recent years. The staff who work in the vineyards – who are in charge of every single seed and squeeze are French but surprisingly, the property has recently been bought by Mrs. Daisy Cheng, a Chinese entrepreneur. Her ambition is high. Cheng is eager to develop a new taste for French wine. In our project. CC has assisted Cheng to develop a series of efficient brand concept, visual identity, packaging, retail design, short movie, key visuals and brand book.


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  • Client:
  • Latour Laguens
  • Project:
  • New brand image for Latour-Laguens
  • Scope:
  • Visual identity, label design, retail design & short movie
  • Year:
  • 2012