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In autumn 2014, Champagne brand Dom Pérignon (DP) assigned us a very interesting project. They hoped we can contribute ideas on how to bring a more brand-focus, exciting and meaningful experience to their VIP guests in a VIP dinner. “P2” is one of three wines of Dom Pérignon. It is the focus of the event. P2 is about energy. Yet, energy is an abstract concept. So “how should we do our story-telling?” we came to consider.



Our direction 1 is all about raw (visible) energy. By combining sound, video, lighting and different hardwares (eg. Icelandic-inspired black stones), we intended to create a “powerful nature”, but indoor. We wanted to put our guests face-to-face with the raw nature. Just like in our conviction,“The nature, source of all energy… The Visible Energy dinner brings diners to the raw nature, go through a set of progressive intensity of energy, from a calm sea to the peak of thunderstorm, and back to peace. This is energy for witness.”In this way, we have brought an abstract concept to tangible sensations.


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  • Client:
  • Dom Pérignon
  • Project:
  • Designing and organising a VIP dinner for Dom Pérignon's clients.
  • Scope:
  • The concept, its design and implementation, video making and on site follow-up.
  • Year:
  • 2014