101 Spring Street

Where will you go next time if you’re in NYC?

Metropolitan Museum or MoMa? Central Park or the High Line? Or will you cross the bridge to Brooklyn for some art-scene-watching?

If crossing the bridge is too tiring, if MoMa is too “traditional”, how about sticking your ground and spending your last morning chill-out in a surreal “family-home” of Donald Judd, a 1960s artist, in downtown Manhattan?

CC’s recommendation:

101 Spring Street – artists Donald Judd’s former home.

Donald Judd moved to 101 Spring Street from his live-work studio on 19th Street and Park Avenue South in 1968, and was one of the first artists to move to SoHo. This derelict industrial neighborhood soon became a vibrant haven for artists, writers, musicians, and community activists, among others…


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