Brand talk, talk brand: Aesop Deodorant

For years, we have been seeing Aesop uses quotes, either a line from the theatre or a poem; either in their annoyingly well-designed product catalogue, or in their press releases. But never a piece, at least in our opinion, as hilarious as Elizabeth Taylor’s on Aesop’s latest deodorant poster (above).A deodorant lab where scientists queue to smell middle-aged men under arms? “Success is a great deodorant”, SERIOUSLY? BUT we love it. After all, who doesn’t love a sense of humour?!

Founded in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop is a skincare brand that build upon botanical and laboratory-made ingredients. From a branding perspective, the brand has embraced the “botanical” and “laboratory” concepts dearly and cleverly over the years; with the signature botanical-inspired brown bottle, as well as the lab background in many of their key visuals, giving the brand such certainty and authority in botanical science – natural yet scientific, the best of both worlds – they want to tell you.

But if that’s not enough to attract the cosmopolitan professionals and middle-class that Aesop’s price point targets, Aesop has also worked with international architects from early on and crafted out show-off pieces of shop interiors. Now wherever you go to an Aesop, whether it is Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong, they are different, yet all have that same minimal sensibility. Plus constant reminders about the brand’s relationship with movie and literature, it is not difficult to understand why Aesop appeals to such a big amount of Monocle-type men and their hip wives, either art curator or fashion editor.

Although started as a niche brand, Aesop valued $105m in 2013. Now with shops across 3 continents and works with almost all the smartest department stores in major cities and continues to expand, Aesop is another legend of niche skincare brand. Again, thanks to the power of consistent story-telling and taking culture into account when brand.

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