Brand talk, talk brand: Always #LikeAgirl campaign

Always 2014 #LikeAgirl campaign is a good campaign because it is inspiring. If you’re a guy, it will remind you how wrong you judge adolescent girls sometimes. If you’re an adolescent girl (or even if you’re a woman already), it will probably touch your heart like no napkin brands have ever done before.


 After you watch it, we have a final question for you:

If in CC we call this cultural branding – using a culture (the gender “conflict”, the negativity perception of “you run like a girl”) to tell story of a product and by that connect with the customers’ greatest desire, compare it to your product USP that might probably not that unique anymore because your competitors have copied you or they actually did it before you, which is more powerful?

A cultural territory, as a brand, once you put your flag on it, no one can easily take it from you, unlike your functional USP. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

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